adv. & conj.
1 (often foll. by that + clause) to such an extent, or to the extent implied (why are you so angry?; do stop complaining so; they were so pleased that they gave us a bonus).
2 (with neg.; often foll. by as + clause) to the extent to which ... is or does etc., or to the extent implied (was not so late as I expected; am not so eager as you).
In positive constructions as ... as ... is used: see AS(1).
3 (foll. by that or as + clause) to the degree or in the manner implied (so expensive that few can afford it; so small as to be invisible; am not so foolish as to agree to that).
4 (adding emphasis) to that extent; in that or a similar manner (I want to leave and so does she; you said it was good, and so it is).
5 to a great or notable degree (I am so glad).
6 (with verbs of state) in the way described (am not very fond of it but may become so).
7 (with verb of saying or thinking etc.) as previously mentioned or described (I think so; so he said; so I should hope).
—conj. (often foll. by that + clause)
1 with the result that (there was none left, so we had to go without).
2 in order that (came home early so that I could see you).
3 and then; as the next step (so then the car broke down; and so to bed).
4 a (introducing a question) then; after that (so what did you tell them?). b (absol.) = so what?
Phrases and idioms:
and so on (or forth)
1 and others of the same kind.
2 and in other similar ways. so as (foll. by to + infin.) in order to (did it so as to get it finished). so be it an expression of acceptance or resignation. so-called commonly designated or known as, often incorrectly. so far see FAR. so far as see FAR. so far so good see FAR. so long! colloq. goodbye till we meet again. so long as see LONG(1).
so much
1 a certain amount (of).
2 a great deal of (is so much nonsense).
3 (with neg.) a less than; to a lesser extent (not so much forgotten as ignored). b not even (didn't give me so much as a penny). so much for that is all that need be done or said about. so so adj. (usu. predic.) indifferent; not very good.
—adv. indifferently; only moderately well. so to say (or speak) an expression of reserve or apology for an exaggeration or neologism etc. so what? colloq. why should that be considered significant?
Etymology: OE swa etc.
var. of SOH.

Useful english dictionary. 2012.

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